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            1. You’re one step away from a more reliable enterprise network

              Never before has the enterprise network played a more important role in the success of the business. IoT is extending intelligence to the network edge; evolving structured cabling designs now make it easier to scale effortlessly on demand; and in-building wireless is helping boost worker productivity to new highs.

              But progress is a double-edged sword. With new opportunities come increased pressure to keep the entire network up and running. How do you ensure maximum reliability across a much larger and more diverse eco-system?

              Join CommScope for an important look at the key issues affecting network reliability and steps you can take to create a more resilient network. Pick your preferred session from the list below.

              • What new challenges does a more diverse network environment present?
              • What are the keys to a resilient structured cabling design?
              • What’s the relationship between ubiquitous in-building wireless and network uptime?

              Your network has virtually unlimited potential, and CommScope stands ready to help you realize more of it every day—beginning with a more reliable physical layer. Let’s make the most of it.


              Select a session below to register


              France - French
              May 23rd

              Presenter: René Tr?sch

              View the replay

              Nederland - Dutch
              May 28th

              Presenter: Chris Putman

              View the replay

              China & Taiwan - Chinese
              May 28th

              Presenter: Wu Jian

              View the replay

              Latin America - Spanish
              May 29th

              Presenter: Andres Mari?o

              View the replay

              UK - English
              June 17th

              Presenter: Ian Davis

              View the replay

              MEA - English
              June 17th

              Presenter: Kaleem Ullah

              View the replay

              India & SAARC - English
              June 25th

              Presenter: Ashok Srinivasan

              View the replay

              Spain - Spanish
              June 26th

              Presenter: Santiago Mu?oz

              View the replay

              Singapore & Philippines - English
              July 3rd

              Presenter: Nicholas Yeo

              View the replay

              Malaysia & Indonesia - Malay & English
              July 4th

              Presenter: Jimmy Kew

              View the replay

              Vietnam - Vietnamese
              July 5th

              Presenter: Nguyen Huy Hoang

              View the replay

              US & Canada - English
              July 25th

              Presenter: Ronna Davis