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            1. Metro cell outdoor small cell concealment solutions

              No two cities are alike. For some, population density is focused in a central location, with towering buildings that combine residential and commercial interests. Others find their infrastructure more dispersed—an uneven distribution of people and buildings massed around a variety of geographic features.

              Such disparities make outdoor small cell/metro cell site deployments in urban environments more than a cookie-cutter exercise. Each site is unique, with its own coverage and capacity requirements, physical and natural boundaries, and zoning considerations. We can help.

              CommScope Metro Cell Concealment Solutions include four families of fully integrated, customized solutions that boost network capacity and service coverage, no matter the challenges:

              • Top of the pole: lightweight and low profile; ideal for existing pole deployments in public areas
              • Middle of the pole: compatible with virtually all poles; consistent appearance
              • Bottom of the pole: ideal for high-power radios; decorative options
              • Integrated pole: ideal for jurisdictions with strict zoning laws

              All solutions are completely customizable and deliver an aesthetically pleasing presence that integrates cleanly into city landscapes with a minimal footprint. Units come factory integrated, tested and ready for installation.

              The result? Increased network capacity. Enhanced performance. In every environment.

              CommScope’s 1st augmented reality app

              Check out My Metro Cell app to visualize your Metro Cell Concealment deployment anytime, anywhere.

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