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            1. Product NewsFLASH

              June 2019 | Product and solution news from CommScope

              DATA CENTER


              Ribbon Splice Cassettes for SD Panels

              Region: Global
              CommScope expands our splice cassette portfolio to include ribbon splice cassettes for SD panels. The new ribbon splice cassettes allow for mass fusion splicing of ribbon fibers, saving time over single-stranded fiber splicing. These new ribbon splice cassettes are available with multimode OM4 and singlemode fiber in 12SC, 12LC and 24LC configurations. This new offering is an extension to our existing single fiber splice cassette offerings.

              Product References:
              LazrSPEED? Splicing cassette, OM4
              TeraSPEED? Splicing cassette, OS2



              Keyed Secure LC Connector Kits

              Region: Global
              New simplex keyed LC connector kits offer an enhanced replacement for all existing CommScope LC connector kits. These singlemode and multimode kits come supplied with required crimps and boots for terminating both 900 um and 1.6-2.0 mm cable sizes, plus a duplex clip. Order two kits for duplex applications. All kits feature improved concentricity ferrules with a pre-radiused endface for improved IL and RL performance. Additionally, these kits feature shorter boots and heat shrinking to align with the industry migration towards reduced bend-radius glass.

              Product References:
              Keyed LC Connector for 900um & 1.6 mm fiber

              Qwik II Universal Field Installable Fiber Optic Connectors

              Region: Global
              The new Qwik II Universal LC & SC connector kits are designed for termination of a wide range of fiber optic cordages. These new additions to our field installable connectors provide reliable, high-quality termination without the need to polish in the field. Kits include a fully assembled connector body integrated with a crimp base, plus boots for 250/900 μm fibersand 2.0 and 3.0 mm cable sizes. In addition to terminating 250 and 900 μm buffered fibers, the Universal LC & SC Qwik II connectors are compatible for terminating all 2.0 and 3.0 mm fiber optic cordages available on the market.

              Product References:
              Universal Qwik II Field Installable Fiber Optic Connectors

              Additional References:
              Full Line of Qwik II Fiber Optic Connectors
              Fiber Termination Tools



              Antenna Sharing Hub Enables Independent Control

              Region: Global
              CommScope multiport antennas with internal RET systems can easily be shared using the new CommScope Antenna Sharing Hub (ANT-SHARING-HUB-6). Up to six wireless operators can make independent beam tilting adjustments to optimize their network, while sharing the same antenna with this new device. This capability is a true value for operators seeking site sharing antenna solutions to address concerns with aesthetics and/or space limitations. The CommScope Antenna Sharing Hub enables sharing where deployed multiport antennas do not inherently have this capability. With the CommScope Antenna Sharing Hub, internal RET elements of multiport antennas can be shared across multiple BTS/RRH controllers.

              Product References:

              CPI Training for CBRS

              Region: U.S. and Canada
              The Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is the next big thing in wireless communications, and Certified Professional Installers (CPIs) are needed to setup and install the radios that operate in the 3.5 GHz band. If you’re a network deployment or operations professional who wants to expand your skills and be trained and certified in shared spectrum technology, take the CPI training from CommScope.

              Learn at your own pace in our guided online course with web links to vital reference documents and other important topic areas to enhance your knowledge. You’ll learn:

              • What is CBRS? An overview of CBRS shared spectrum, terminology and concepts
              • The roles and responsibilities of CPIs in CBRS
              • How to be a CPI. Learn when CPI is required, practical advice for determining accurate installation parameters and how to get information from CPI to SAS
              • Steps to certification including obtaining your digital certificate and future responsibilities

              In less than one day, you’ll acquire the practical knowledge and skills needed to become a Certified Professional Installer. After completing the course and passing the exam, you will receive your digital certificate and be able to install CBRS equipment.

              Product References:
              CPI Training for CBRS

              G21 HD Series Tower & Monopole Sector Frames

              Region: U.S. and Canada
              CommScope’s new G21HD Series Tower & Monopole Sector Frames are the latest addition to our popular G2 Series mounts. The new G21HD sector frame is optimized for weight and loading reduction and increased strength with heavy duty 2-7/8” OD face pipes for both 10.5 foot and 12.5 foot face size options. Both single-sector tower and 3-sector monopole configurations are available with four 96” or 126” antenna pipes per sector included in the kit.

              Product References:
              MCG21HD Series G2? Monopole Sector Frames
              SFG21HD Series G2? Tower Sector Frames

              Additional References:
              Structural Support Solutions

              Hybrid Twin Beam Multiband Antenna for 3G/4G Capacity Enhancements

              Region: Asia Pacific and China
              CommScope’s next generation Hybrid Twin Beam Multiband antenna — R2HH-6533A-R5 — is designed to reduce antenna counts while enhancing network capacity. This antenna covers low bands from 700–900 MHz and high bands from 1710–2180 MHz. Using only three antenna faces, this hybrid antenna design makes it possible to get six-sector performance on the high band, while maintaining a three-sector layer for low band coverage.

              Product References:

              Hybrid Twin Beam Multiband Antenna for 3G/4G Capacity Upgrades

              Region: Global
              CommScope’s next generation Hybrid Twin Beam Multiband antenna — RVV2H-6533D-R5 — enables seamless upgrades to capacity limited sites. Operators can replace existing 3-sector antenna configurations with this combined 3-sector/6-sector antenna without compromising size, wind load or visual impact.

              Also suitable for antenna sharing applications, this antenna’s internal RET system supports using two separate RET compatible OEM radios and enables flexibility to reconfigure certain bands per radio.

              RVV2H-6533D-R5 replaces antenna model RVV2NPX310.211R.

              Product References:


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